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Art by Beverly J Raffaele

the art room

In my art room painting the rose to your right. 

If the paintings inspire you then that makes me very happy. My favorite paints are water soluble oils. I like some acrylic and water color paints but I love the way oils hold the rich color. My downfall is drawing with pencil, but practice makes perfect. When my brother was learning guitar he spent a full day on one chord he turned out to be a great guitarist. I don't know if I have that kind of fortitude, but at age 66, I am not giving up, so stay tuned. The rose was completed this week. I gave it to one of my lovely daughters. To see the paintings below: click to enlarge

To see the images click on each painting to enlarge. Prints are available. Contact me!

Red Rose 24 X 18 Oil on canvas

by Beverly J Raffaele

Painting of Rose by Beverly J Raffaele, oil on canvas

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