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The true story of the Gee family who survived the biggest tsunami to strike the main land of the United States. It struck on a beautiful night with a bright full moon, on good Friday in 1964. You'll hear the children and their heroic Dad. 

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A child negelcted and abused. A child in limbo and then his life takes turns that no one expects. He has witnessed the worst and the best of life, with very little middle ground. Will he be whole someday? There is a killing and a setting in a small coastal town where everyone knows everyone. This is a compelling story of tragedy, triumph,death and redemption. The ending will not leave you disappointed. 

"Free your spirit through the written word.""My last three books of poetry are also journals for you to have a place to pen your own thoughts or poetry. It is my hope that this book of story poems will be an inspiration to the reader so this book is also a journal.The poetry is about life: earthy, sinful, sad, glad and humorous."
Beverly J. Raffaele
I encourage all to write. It is a wonderful outlet for the spirit. I am happy to bring this book to you with "A place to Pen Your Thoughts" following every poem.
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